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2016-01-29 – Songs About African Cities

Sure, there are lots of songs about food and love and nature, but I’ve been collecting songs about the places where most people live: the cities. The first installment of this series of shows highlights songs about cities in Africa, from the bustling capitols to small but mighty places. From Cape Town to Cairo, the […]

2015-01-30 Music of the Nile + The Nile Project interview

The Nile is an “international” river as its water resources are shared by eleven nations: Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, South Sudan, Sudan and Egypt. This episode features music from the region plus an interview with Mina Girgis, co-founder and CEO of the Nile Project. The Nile Project […]

2014-04-18 Mazigazi Band live + World Music Mix

A mix of new sounds and old from all over the planet. Plus live in-studio music by Mazigazi, who will be doing a local show April 25 at the Hands On Children’s Museum as part of an instrument drive for children in Kenya, and Simon Okelo, executive director of One Vibe Africa and right decent […]

2012-07-06: Music of Central Africa

We celebrate the birthday of Congolese legend Francois ‘Franco’ Luambo Makiadi in this show with music from him along with more songs and styles from central African nations, including Burundi, the Central African Republic, Chad, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Rwanda. Music from artists including Wendo Kolosoy, Franco, Papa Wemba, Papa Noel, Mounira […]

2012-03-02 Music of African Women

This week to celebrate Miriam Makeba’s 4 March birthday, music from her and other African women. Plus a couple of guys thrown in by request.

2011-09-09: Music of Coastal West Africa

This show is a musical journey across Coastal West Africa, from Senegal in the north to Nigeria on the southern end. We mixed it up with both new and old music, to give a sense of the wide variety of music as we journey through time and through different tribes and nations. Special congratulations to […]

2011-05-25 Scatterlings of Africa

Had the chance to guest-host the KAOS show Scatterlings of Africa, and had a great time choosing some less-known old and new tunes, along with a scattering of the big names in African music. If you need a place to start for more exploration, be sure to check out Mamadou Diabate’s gorgeous new album Courage. […]

2011-03-11 African Women

Following up last week’s show on Miriam Makeba, we’ll use the appearance this weekend of Khaira Arby (with The Sway Machinery) and this week’s International Women’s Day as an excuse to spin a range of other African women making wonderful music. I tried to stick to mostly less well known artists, so I hope you […]

03 September 2010: Afro-Funk

With the Budos Band passing through the area tomorrow for Bumbershoot (see calendar), this is a perfect time for a roaring dose of Afro-funk. And Afrobeat. And related Afro-musics, new and old. Plus new releases and some Bumbershoot previews. Hour 1 Inemo  –  Afrofunk  –  Afro Funky Beats The Budos Band  –  Mark of the […]

27 August 2010: Music of Cape Verde

To celebrate Cesaria Evora‘s birthday today, we heard music from her and fellow Cape Verdeans, plus a few new releases and faves thrown in the second hour. Hour 1 Cesaria Evora  –  Zinha  –  Nha Sentimento Tete Alhinho  –  Barco di Papel  –  African Playground Bius  –  Fidjo D’Africa  –  Palop Africa! Boy Ge Mendes  […]