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2011-03-11 African Women

Following up last week’s show on Miriam Makeba, we’ll use the appearance this weekend of Khaira Arby (with The Sway Machinery) and this week’s International Women’s Day as an excuse to spin a range of other African women making wonderful music. I tried to stick to mostly less well known artists, so I hope you […]

03 September 2010: Afro-Funk

With the Budos Band passing through the area tomorrow for Bumbershoot (see calendar), this is a perfect time for a roaring dose of Afro-funk. And Afrobeat. And related Afro-musics, new and old. Plus new releases and some Bumbershoot previews. Hour 1 Inemo  –  Afrofunk  –  Afro Funky Beats The Budos Band  –  Mark of the […]

27 August 2010: Music of Cape Verde

To celebrate Cesaria Evora‘s birthday today, we heard music from her and fellow Cape Verdeans, plus a few new releases and faves thrown in the second hour. Hour 1 Cesaria Evora  –  Zinha  –  Nha Sentimento Tete Alhinho  –  Barco di Papel  –  African Playground Bius  –  Fidjo D’Africa  –  Palop Africa! Boy Ge Mendes  […]

30 July 2010: Mali Music

More than a few Spin The Globe listeners & callers have recently gushed about their love of Malian music. Something there is about this West African nation, which has produced an astounding array of artists including Oumou Sangare, Ali Farka Toure (and son Vieux), Amadou y Mariam, Tinariwen, Toumani Diabate … the list seems endless. […]

2 July 2010: Music of South Africa

Putumayo has a new compilation CD of music from South Africa; we took things a step farther today, spinning everything from Safrojazz to kwaito to Zulu choirs and beyond, to give you an idea of the South Africa beyond the soccer stadiums and TV soundbites. Congrats to Andrew of Olympia who won our giveaway of […]

28 May 2010: Africa in America + interview with Dr. George Francois

This week we celebrated the musicians who have brought the music and rhythms of African cultures to the USA, plus an interview with Dr. George Francois of the African Music and Dance Festival 2010 in Leavenworth WA running June 13-17, 2010. Hour 1 Dhol Foundation  –  Colours of Punjab (theme)  –  Big Drum Small World  […]

7 May 2010: Norway Meets Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars are in town next week, so we ping-ponged music from them and their fellow Sierra Leoneians with music from Norway. Plus new releases, requests, and show previews in the 2nd hour of the show. If you’re in Western Washington, do yourself a favor and check out one of the best […]