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2017-09-15 Top 10 World Music CDs, September edition

Hear a song from each of the Top 10 new world music albums. In hour 2, more global sounds + concert previews + listener requests. Listen to past episodes of Spin The Globe free at Mixcloud.  Remember to get your free Daily Spin by liking and following STG on Facebook — you’ll also get other […]

2016-07-22 Afrobeat Flavors from Across the Globe

Afrobeat drumming pioneer Tony Allen celebrated a birthday July 20, and STG follows that up with a survey of the contemporary Afrobeat scene, from Nigeria to Europe to the USA to some corners of the world where you might not expect to find Afrobeat groups. Listen to past episodes of Spin The Globe free at […]

2015-07-17 Tony Allen Birthday Bash

Visionary Nigerian drummer Tony Allen  has had an amazing career, from his days with Fela Kuti to his current collaborations with all kinds of artists, from British rappers to Brazilian singer Flavia Coelho. This show features a range of his work both past and present to celebrate his 20 July birthday. Plus some other music […]

2014-10-24 It’s an Afrobeat World!

I hardly need an excuse to break out the Afrobeat, and this week two concerts in Cascadia reinforce my Afrobeat inclinations. Lagos Roots Afrobeat Ensemble play at Rhythm & Rye in Olympia Oct. 25, and Chicago Afrobeat Project play at Seattle’s Nectar Lounge Oct. 30. We’ll hear from them, and from other great Afrobeat players. […]

2013-10-11 Fela vs. Nusrat

This week’s show starts with a celebration of the lives and music of Afrobeat originator Fela Kuti and Qawwali king Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, whose birthdays are this week. Without them, the face of “world music” would be far different. Though one is known for his vocal prowess in singing devotional Sufi music and the […]

2013-05-24 Afrobeat + FELA! interview

The touring Broadway show Fela! about the Nigerian originator of Afrobeat hits Seattle next week. We celebrate with songs from the many Afrobeat bands that have since emerged worldwide, from NYC’s Antibalas to Portugal’s Cacique’97 to Fela’s own offspring who are keeping the form vibrant. Plus an interview with Jordan McLean, one of the musical […]

2013-05-10 Top 10 Global CDs, May 2013 + Jujuba interview

We counted down the Top 10 recent world music albums, playing a tune from each until reaching the glorious pinnacle that is #1. With a brief interruption in the countdown for an interview with Portland-based Afrobeat band Jujuba, who play tonight at the Olympia Ballroom alongside Cascadia ’10. Reminder: I love to hear from listeners […]

2013-05-03 New World Music + interview with Miles Arntzen of EMEFE

The third plan for today’s show finally stuck: A phone interview with Miles Arntzen of NYC-based Afrobeat group EMEFE, a brief tribute to the late Bob Brozman, and a pile of new global music assembled for your listening pleasure. Reminder: I love to hear from listeners when I’m on the air, and when I’m not, […]

2012-12-07 Afrobeat in the USA

A local confluence of Afrobeat shows by Antibalas and Cascadia ’10 made for a great jumping off point to explore the state of Afrobeat in America. We heard Afrobeat bands from NYC, DC, Texas, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, and beyond. Also a couple global interpretations of Brubeck’s Take Five, and some concert previews. Remember to get […]

2012-10-12 Afrobeat Worldwide

In honor of the upcoming birthday of Fela Kuti, the father of Afrobeat, we heard Afrobeat bands from around the globe this week, from Japan to the Netherlands to the UK to the USA. Just a small taste of the widespread appeal of the sound and attitude of Afrobeat music. In hour 2, new releases […]