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2011-10-21: Top 10 World Music CDs, October

This week’s show started with a journey ascending the October World Music Top 10 Chart, then freewheeled into other territory, including previews of upcoming concerts and some newly released songs. Congrats to the winner of the Quetzal tickets, and more generally to everyone who, like me, loves this music. You can catch the archive of […]

2010-10-15: Afrobeat Outside Africa

Afrobeat has been one of the most contagious musics produced by Africa, and it has found root in nations as far-flung as Germany, Colombia, England, and here in the USA. This week we celebrated the Oct. 15 birthday of Afrobeat creator Fela Kuti with the sounds of his rhythms gone globally viral. Plus some music […]

03 September 2010: Afro-Funk

With the Budos Band passing through the area tomorrow for Bumbershoot (see calendar), this is a perfect time for a roaring dose of Afro-funk. And Afrobeat. And related Afro-musics, new and old. Plus new releases and some Bumbershoot previews. Hour 1 Inemo  –  Afrofunk  –  Afro Funky Beats The Budos Band  –  Mark of the […]