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2014-04-11 Guest-host w/ Mali + KAOS membership drive

new KAOS radio t-shirtThanks to Anch and the KAOS pledge team for holding down the fort this week while I was in Canada at a soccer tournament (at which we went undefeated, I should add!). Here’s what she spun for you.

The KAOS Spring Membership Drive is history. But you can still renew or become a member online at www.KAOSradio.org, or call 360-867-6894. Thanks for your support of commercial-free community radio!

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Hour 1
Salif Keita
“Tekere” from “Folon”…..The Past on Island Records Continue reading 2014-04-11 Guest-host w/ Mali + KAOS membership drive

2013-11-08 World Music Mix + KAOS Membership Drive

Spin The Globe on KAOS-fmThis week, a mix of global sounds, new and old, and a request for you to support KAOS Community Radio, the station in Olympia, WA where Spin The Globe originates. If you’re familiar only with Spin The Globe, check out the rest of the KAOS lineup, including local and syndicated music, news, and public affairs shows. It’s a mix you’ll only get on a grassroots-grown community station, commercial-free and programmed by humans, not corporations. Make a pledge of support today by calling 360-867-6894 or visiting www.KAOSradio.org and clicking the “pledge” button. You can also “like” KAOS on Facebook


Remember to get your free Daily Spin by liking STG on Facebook — you can also subscribe to STG’s weekly email update (and we never share/sell/spam your email). Continue reading 2013-11-08 World Music Mix + KAOS Membership Drive

KAOS at 40

KAOS wolf howlSpin The Globe has been on KAOS for a long time, but not since the beginning. KAOS turns 40 this year, and is celebrating with a variety of events and outreach. You’ll find various KAOS folks at fairs, music sales, wine tastings, and right here in the radio station bringing you the great shows you love, including live performances such at the appearance by Brass Menazeri Balkan Brass Band this morning on Spin The Globe.

To make sure you don’t miss any of the fabulous happenings, keep an eye on the new KAOS blog. And if you’re a longtime fan or a past KAOS programmer, perhaps you have some old posters, recordings, or other station paraphernalia you could share with us. See the blog for how to submit things.

I’ll be digging through the STG archives, and contributing interviews and photos accumulated over the years. Watch for those on the blog. And if you have ideas about how KAOS should be celebrating, be sure to let the station know.

Here’s to the next 40 years of KAOS!

2012-04-20 Global Mambo + Pledge Plea

It’s Tito Puente’s birthday! We celebrated the King of the Timbales by playing his music, and other music in the salsa-mambo vibe from all over the planet this week. Plus new releases and other groovy stuff in hour 2. Please give us the gift of your membership to your favorite community radio station during the KAOS spring membership drive. Pledge online, or call 360-867-5267 during the drive, and tell them Spin The Globe sent you.

Thanks for listening, and for supporting commercial-free public radio!

mambo for cats lp cover

Continue reading 2012-04-20 Global Mambo + Pledge Plea

2011-04-08 You Heard Them on KAOS + pledge

Nawal - performing live on Spin The Globe (KAOS-fm)This is one of two times a year I ask you to step up and be counted as a supporter — not just a listener — of Spin The Globe. Even if you always listen online, you will know that Spin The Globe airs on KAOS-fm, a radio station that has to pay bills for programming, electricity, internet, equipment, and a few paltry salaries. Most of the station’s work (all of its on-air work!) is done by volunteers. And done well.

We ask that you consider just how valuable this resource is to you, and make a contribution. You can give $20, or $1000, or whatever works for you. But each member is important to us, and we want to hear from you.

So please take a moment right now to call 360-867-5267 or donate online at www.KAOSradio.org Thanks!

This week’s show featured music by artists who have been interviewed or have played live on Spin The Globe. The show includes a few in-studio recordings that you can’t hear anywhere else. Enjoy, and remember to become a KAOS member for the warm glow it will give you (people will notice!).

Remember, you can catch the archive of this show for a limited time at http://soundroots.podomatic.com

And you can still grab this show — and subscribe so you’ll never miss an episode — via iTunes.

Hour 1
(artist – song – album)
Christine Vaindirlis  –  Indaba (Home)  –  Dance Mama!
Rachid Taha  –  Selu  –  Bonjour
James Whetzel  –  On the Eve of  –  My Road to Somewhere
Vagabond Opera  –  Charlie Chaplain Nonsense Song  –  live recording on KAOS-fm
Te Vaka  –  Kalueu  –  Ki Mua
Chiwoniso  –  Gomo  –  Rebel Woman
Vusi Mahlasela  –  When You Come Back  –  When You Come Back
Brian Keane & Omar Faruk Tekbilek  –  Nihâvend Fantazi   (Modal Fantasy)   –  Suleyman The Magnificent soundtrack
Baka Beyond  –  Sad Among Strangers  –  Live performance for KAOS-fm via sattelite
Bat Makumba  –  Ca Minina  –  Bat Makumba
Hugh Masekela  –  Something for Nothing  –  Tomorrow

Hour 2
Abraham Inc  –  Abe Inc Techno Mix  –  Tweet Tweet
Abraham Inc  –  Tweet-Tweet  –  Tweet Tweet
Andy Palacio  –  Watina (I Called Out)  –  Watina
Yawo  –  Take Out the Fences  –  Take Out the Fences
Yale Strom  –  Tchainik Waltz  –  A Wandering Jew
Wai  –  E Ramgatahi Ma  –  Live on Spin The Globe
Lagbaja  –  Dress With Sense  –  Sharp Sharp
Ladysmith Black Mambazo  –  Vuka (Wake Up Little Chicks)  –  Songs from a Zulu Farm
Djelimady Tounkara  –  Solon Kono  –  Solon Kono
Obo Addy & Okropong  –  Sounds from the Woods  –  Traditional Music of Ghana
Angelique Kidjo  –  Koro-Koro  –  Fifa
Prince Diabate  –  Mandingo Reggae  –  New Life

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28 May 2010: Africa in America + interview with Dr. George Francois

This week we celebrated the musicians who have brought the music and rhythms of African cultures to the USA, plus an interview with Dr. George Francois of the African Music and Dance Festival 2010 in Leavenworth WA running June 13-17, 2010.

Hour 1
Dhol Foundation  –  Colours of Punjab (theme)  –  Big Drum Small World  –  Shakti
Chata Addy  –  Mi Nya Ho  –  The Children  –  self
Prince Diabate  –  Mandingo Reggae  –  New Life   –  Sunrise
Fula Flute  –  Teriya  –  Fula Flute  –  self
Obo Addy & Kukrudu  –  Abongo  –  Let Me Play My Drums  –  Burnside
interview with Dr. George Francois of Sankusem African Music Festival in Leavenworth, WA
Abdoulaye Diabate et. al.  –  Nanfulen  –  Badenya – Manden Jaliya in New York City  –  Smithsonian Folkways
The Sahel Band  –  Highlife  –  The Sahel Band  –  self
Markus James  –  Far as I Can Run / Majirica Samba  –  Timbuktoubab  –  Firenze
Yawo  –  It’s Alright  –  Celebrate!  –  Caveman

Hour 2
Alpha Yaya Diallo  –  Dewe  –  Aduna “The Future”   –  Tinder
Lora Chiorah-Dye & Sukutai  –  Nyoka Musango / Snake in the Grass  –  Safarini In Transit  –  Smithsonian Folkways
Tony Allen  –  Ayenlo  –  Secret Agent  –  World Circuit
Occidental Brothers Dance Band International  –  Odo Bra WaWaWa  –  Odo Sanbra  –  self
Mezcla  –  Mambo Influenciado  –  Akimba!  –  Khaeon
Orchestre N’Guewel  –  Mi Guajeo  –  Africa Boogaloo  –  Honest Jons
Quetzal  –  Para Sanar  –  Die Cowboy Die  –  self
Gotan Project  –  Peligro  –  Tango 3.0  –  XL Recordings
Donso  –  Hunters  –  Donso  –  Comet Records
Donso  –  Mogoya  –  Donso  –  Comet Records
Rachid Taha  –  H’absu-Hum (Ask them for an Explanation)  –  Teketoi  –  Wrasse
On Ensemble  –  Zeecha  –  Dust and Sand  –  self

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