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2017-05-26 Festivals & Live World Music Recordings

This weekend brings one of the biggest world-music-friendly festivals of the year to the Pacific Northwest: the annual Northwest Folklife Festival. STG kicks off the festivities with two hours live recordings from global artists — something of a personally curated global festival for which you don’t need a ticket or sunscreen. Enjoy! Listen to past […]

2015-10-16 – Jensen & Bugge live in-studio plus music from Turkey, Finland, and Beyond

Danish folk duo Jensen & Bugge drop by STG for a live set of music and talk about folk music and how they found old Danish tunes forgotten at home but alive in the American midwest. You’ll also hear music from Finland, and tunes from Turkey as a  warmup for this weekend’s Turkfest at the […]

2014-05-23 – Global Music, Recorded Live

This weekend brings the Northwest Folklife Festival — a writhing mass of musicians and fans and BBQ — to the Seattle Center. We kick things off by spinning live recordings of great global music performances. Remember to get your free Daily Spin by liking STG on Facebook — please like and share! With FB’s new […]

2013-09-13 Four Shillings Short live on KAOS

Thanks to Four Shillings Short for bringing some of their many instruments in for an extended live set in the KAOS performance studio. Playing the spoons, hammered dulcimer, sitar, even the bowed psaltry (pictured), they are a remarkable duo, rich in spirit, skill, and knowledge. The rest of the show featured new global music and […]

2012-01-27: Polyrhythmics live at KAOS

What a way to round out the month… the Polyrhythmics joined me live in the KAOS performance studio for a rousing set of funky global music, including songs from their recent album Labrador and some unrecorded tracks. You may think of global funk as an evening sound, but they proved it works for the morning […]

2011-09-30 Live Global Music

Consider this the last festival of summer, with your favorite global artists taking the stage. This week’s show featured live global music recordings fueled by the energy of crowds large and small. Like your own personal WOMAD on the radio. Then we transitioned into new releases and old faves and whatnot in the second hour […]

2011-04-15 Revolutionary Music + Ondrej Smeykal live

This week’s show featured music by artists in the revolutionary zones of North African and the Middle East, plus new releases and a live in-studio performance by Czech digeridoo player Ondrej Smeykal. Thanks for your support for KAOS and Spin The Globe during last week’s membership drive. Or if you missed that, please take a […]

2011-04-08 You Heard Them on KAOS + pledge

This is one of two times a year I ask you to step up and be counted as a supporter — not just a listener — of Spin The Globe. Even if you always listen online, you will know that Spin The Globe airs on KAOS-fm, a radio station that has to pay bills for […]