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2016-06-24 Music of Indigenous Peoples

Sophia Blanco - Photo: Sarah WeedenWho are indigenous people? One definition says “those ethnic groups that were indigenous to a territory prior to being incorporated into a national state, and who are politically and culturally separate from the majority ethnic identity of the state that they are a part of.” This weekend is the Spirit of Indigenous People Festival in Seattle, and STG gets things started with music of such people from around the planet. Note: It’s impossible to cover all — or even most — indigenous groups in an hour or two, and a listener pointed out that this show is short on music of the people of the Western Hemisphere, apart from a couple of tracks from Central America. Mea culpa. I may get more Native American music on future shows, but in the meantime I highly recommend you tune in to those KAOS shows who cover this music better than STG ever will: Make No Bones About It (Sundays 4-6pm) and View From the Shore (Sundays 6-8pm). You can view the complete KAOS program schedule here.  Hour 2 of this show features mostly new releases.

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