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2011-06-24: Top 10 World Music CDs, June 2011


Ocote Soul System - Taurus
Ocote Soul System - Taurus

This week’s show ran through our ten favorite new releases in the whole world… plus some new releases, faves, and concert previews. For more on the chart-topping CDs heard here, see the charts page.


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Hour 1
Manooghi Hi  –  Om Baba  –  #10 Silence
Youssou N’Dour  –  Marley  –  #9 Dakar-Kingston
Of Montreal + Os Mutantes –  Bat Macumba  –  #8 Red Hot + Rio 2: Nova Tropicalia
Da Cruz  –  Tschu Tschu  –  #7 Sistema Subversiva
Zaz  –  Ni Oui Ni Non  –  #6 Zaz
Seun Anikulapo Kuti & Egypt 80  –  You Can Run  –  #5 From Africa with Fury: Rise
Hadag Nahash  –  Maarbolet Shel Hol  –  #4   6
Ketewel Village  –  Gambangan  –  From Kuno to Kebyar
DeLeon  –  Nimrod  –  #3 Casata
Susana Baca  –  Que Bonito Tu Vestido (feat Quetzel)  –  #2 Afrodiaspora
Ocote Soul Sounds  –  Pirata  –  #1 Taurus

Hour 2
Group Doueh  –  Zayna Jumma  –  Zayna Jumma
Ana Moura  –  Venho Falar dos Meus Medos  –  Coliseu
Amina Alaoui  –  Fado Menor  –  Arco Iris
Rhydhun  –  Rhy-dhun (Nothing but Voice)  –  An Odyssey of Rhythm
Freshlyground  –  I Am the Man  –  Nomvula
Terakaft  –  Kek Amidi Nin  –  Aratan N Azawad
Rob  –  Boogie On  –  Funky Rob Way
Elizabeth Woodbury Kasius & Heard  –  Malaika Mlongo  –  Karibu
Sorry Bamba  –  Astan Kelly  –  Volume One 1970-1979
Gipsy.cz  –  Cernej Gadzo  –  Desperado
AfroCubism  –  Karama  –  AfroCubism

2011-05-20 World Music Top 10 CDs

Hadag Nahash - 6Time again for a run though the top 10 chart. Not some fluffy, predictable pop chart, but the globally esteemed Spin The Globe Top 10 Chart (it even gets capitalized!). Lots of new albums in this month’s chart, from the desert blues of Vieux Farka Toure (and some prominent guests) to the urban funk of Israeli group Hadag Nahash. In hour 2, you’ll find more new releases, along with some concert previews. Thanks for grooving globally with us!

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Hour 1
Malika Zarra  –  Mon Printemps / My Spring  –  #10 Berber Taxi
Vieux Farka Toure  –  Sankare Diadje  –  #9 The Secret
Ocote Soul Sounds  –  Cumbia la Magdalena  –  #8 Taurus
Azam Ali  –  Faith  –  #7 From the Night to the Edge of Day
M.A.K.U. Sound System  –  A Mi Señora  –  #6 Vamos Bien
Frank London’s Klezmer Brass Allstars  –  Who Knows One?  –  #5 The Rough Guide to Klezmer, 2nd Edition
Scharlatone  –  Gimi Moa  –  #4 Hals uber Kopf
Antwerp Gipsy-Ska Orkestra  –  Roma Project (ft.Kocani Orkestar)  –  #3 I Lumia Mo Kher
A Bossa Eletrica  –  Sem Escuridao  –  #2 Do Norte
Hadag Nahash  –  Ani Maamin  –    #1  6

Hour 2
Mamadou Diabate  –  Birigo Blues  –  Courage
Three Little Birds  –  Playing for Change  –  Playing For Change 2
Vanessa Lively  –  Estoy Volando  –  Uncovering Stones
Leningrad  –  Malen’kiy Mal’chik  –  Everything Is Illuminated OST
Loga Ramin Torkian  –  Chashme Jadu (your bewitching eyes)  –  Mehraab
Kiran Ahluwalia  –  Raqba  –  Aam Zameen (Common Ground)
Addis Acoustic Project  –  Yene Hassab  –  Tewesta (Remembrance)
Chancha via Circuito  –  La Revancha de Chancha ft. Fauna  –  Rio Arriba
Bola Johnson & His Easy Life Top Beats  –  E Ma S’eka  –  Nigeria 70: Sweet Times
Lionel Loueke  –  Kponnon Kpete  –  Virgin Forest
See-I  –  Inside Move  –  See-I
Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica  –  Terre Exotique  –  Third River Rangoon
Skatalites  –  Guns of Navarone  –  From Paris With Love
Samite  –  Olugendo  –  Embalasa

2011-03-25 World Music Top 10

We ran through our Top 10 World Music albums for March today, plus some new releases and old faves in hour 2. Congrats to the listeners who won tickets to see the Flying Karamazov Brothers during this show!

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Hour 1
(artist – song – [# on chart] album)
Pena  –  Cardo o Ceniza  –  9-Pena Vol. 2
Feloche  –  Emile  –  10-Rough Guide to Paris Lounge
Ritmodelia  –  Selva  –  8-It’s Not Batucada!
Duo Jalal  –  Klezmer a la Bechet  –  7-A Different World
Sussan Deyhim  –  Glyphs on the Horizon  –  6-City of Leaves
Amsterdam Klezmer Band  –  Katla  –  5-Katla
Aurelio Martinez  –  Ineweyu feat. Njaaya  –  4-Laru Beya
Nuriya  –  Tanita  –  3-Tanita
Watcha Clan  –  Gypsy Dust  –  Radio Babel
Ravid Kahalani  –  Min Kalbi  –  2-Yemen Blues
Vusi Mahlasela  –  Ba Kae?  –  1-Say Africa
Ladysmith Black Mambazo  –  Ntulube (Away You River Snakes)  –  Songs from a Zulu Farm

Hour 2
Al Jawala  –  Borderbounce  –  Asphalt Pirate Radio
Slavic Soul Party  –  Laughter Club  –  Taketron
Terrakota  –  Slow Food (radio edit)  –  single
Jamshied Sharifi  –  The Salt Road  –  A Prayer for the Soul of Layla
Boom Pam  –  Uniton  –  Alakazam
Jim Guttman  –  Sadegurer Chusidl (Take Off That Shmatte)  –  Bessarabian Breakdown
Onno Krijn  –  Immamachin  –  Don’t Be a Stranger
Orchestre Poly-Rythmo  –  Pardon  –  Cotonou Club
Bones & Tones  –  In the Valley of Dreams  –  Bones & Tones
Sidi Camara Band  –  Yankadi  –  Tolerance
Watcha Clan  –  Hasnaduro  –  Radio Babel
Sawt el Atlas  –  Mouminine (The Faithful, the believer)  –  Donia
Los Seven del Swing  –  Silencio  –  Cartagena! Curro Fuentes & the Big Band Cumbia and Descarga Sound of Colombia 1962-1972

2011-02-11: World Music Top 10 (plus more Egypt!)

It’s not every day you wake up to a revolution. Though halfway across the world, the events in Egypt are no less thrilling and fascinating to all who stand with the people against undemocratic, unrepresentative rule. May the people of Egypt (and elsewhere) find a smooth transition to something better. The whole world will be the better for it.

We started the music today with Nubian grooving, then launched into a countdown of the ten best new global releases, from #10 AfroCubism to #1 Yemen Blues. Other fun followed in the second hour, from Irish by request to more Egyptian music and a preview of the new Pena Vol. 2 album. Enjoy!

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Hour 1
(artist – song – album)
Ali Hassan Kuban  –  Henna  –  Rough Guide to Egypt
AfroCubism  –  Djelimady Rumba  –  10 – AfroCubism
Abazar Hamid (Sudan)  –  Salam Darfur  –  9 – Listen to the Banned
Ritmodelia  –  Samba Nao E  –  8 – It’s Not Batucada!
Sidi Toure  –  Bon Koum  –  7 – Sahel Folk
Hossam Ranzy & Phil Thornton  –  Om Faraon (Mother of Pharaoh)  –  6 – Egypt Unveiled
Nuriya  –  Lai Lara  –  5 – Tanita
Ballake Sissoko & Vincent Segal  –  Houdesti  –  4 – Chamber Music
Wimme  –  Don Leat (You Are)  –  3 – Mun
Aurelio  –  Yurumei (Island of St. Vincent)  –  2 – Laru Beya
Ravid Kahalani  –  Min Kalbi  –  1 – Yemen Blues

Hour 2
Geoff Berner  –  Victory Party  –  Victory Party
Moussu T e lei Jovents  –  Empêche-moi  –  Putan de Cancon
Vusi Mahlasela w/ Taj Mahal  –  In Anyway   –  Say Africa
Ti Celeste  –  Popilation Basse-Terrienne au Abois  –  Sofrito: Tropical Discotheque
Kila  –  Gwerzy  –  Tog e Go Bog e
Jugalbandi  –  Paddy Fahey’s Reel  –  From Is to Was
Roya Bahrami  –  On the Path  –  I Am I Am Not
Richard Khuzami  –  Malfouf  –  Fused
Fanfare Ciocarlia  –  Ciocarlia si Suite  –  Radio Pascani
Mahmoud Fadl  –  The 2nd Night in Mohamed ‘Ali Street  –  The Drummers of the Nile Go South
Lo’Jo   –  Fils de Zamal  –  Tu Connais Lo’Jo?
Burlakat  –  Poven Poltto  –  Magie
Pena  –  Punchaynikipi  –  Pena vol. 2

2010-12-03 Best Global Music of 2010

I usually wait until the new year for my best-of show. But I got to thinking…perhaps you need an idea for a holiday gift for that special someone (or yourself!). So here’s your best of 2010 global music sampler. Among the great music released this year, there’s certainly something for everyone.

Hour 1
Afrocubism  –  Mali Cuba  –  Afrocubism

Khaira Arby - Timbuktu Tarab
Khaira Arby - Timbuktu Tarab

Khaira Arby  –  Wayidou  –  Timbuktu Taraab
Huun Huur Tu  –  Kozmahyk  –  Ancestors Call
Jienat  –  Dancehall  –  Mira
Rahim AlHaj w/ Yacoube Sissoko  –  The Other Time  –  Little Earth
King Sunny Ade  –  Oro Yi Bale (excerpt)  –  Baba Mo Tunde
Amabutho  –  Tsotsi  –  Sikelela
Red Baraat  –  Baraat to Nowhere  –  Chaal Baby
Mulatu Astatke  –  Mulatu  –  New York-London-Addis
Ferhat Tunc  –  Alisero  –  Listen to the Banned
Axum  –  Ma Im HaKesef  –  Axum
Abraham Incorporated  –  Trombonik  –  Tweet Tweet
Abraham Incorporated  –  Tweet Tweet  –  Tweet Tweet

Hour 2
Gotan Project  –  Desilusion  –  Tango 3.0
Razia  –  Taiko Ro  –  Zebu Nation
Cheikh Lo  –  Seyni  –  Jamm
Luisa Maita  –  Alento  –  Lero-Lero
Angelique Kidjo  –  Mbube  –  Ojo
Boban Markovic Orkestar  –  Obecanje (The Promise)  –  The Promise
Tony Allen  –  Celebrate  –  Secret Agent
Rahim AlHaj w/ Stephen Kent  –  Qaasim  –  Little Earth
Dave Holland & Pepe Habichuela  –  The Whirling Dervish  –  Hands

Best Global Music of 2010

It’s that time of year…the time when the spiders disappear to parts unknown, media outlets try to guilt you into spending thousands of dollars on gifts, and eggnog lattes show up at drive-through espresso stands. Which means it’s time for the annual review of global music over the past year.

2010 wasn’t the biggest year. Wars here and there, the Winter Olympics, tsunamis and volcanoes and mine collapses and earthquakes. Wikileaks, elections, and the release of Aung San Suu Kyi. Neither was it a big year for most of our favorite names in world music. No new albums from Youssou N’Dour or Oliver Mtukudzi, Fanfare Ciocarlia or Susheela Raman, Baka Beyond or Antibalas.

The good news is that without big-name-artist releases hogging the limelight, the year was open to new artists — artists such as Ethiopian-Israeli rappers Axum, NYC-bhangra troupe Red Baraat, and the mysterious sounds of Norwegian group Jienat.

Use this as a shopping list for your global-music friends and family, or as a starting point for your own further exploration of modern world music sounds. Each album links to a review or a site where you can hear song samples and/or purchase the album. The list is in no particular order, and is a combination of fact (airplay, listener response, emails, comments) and my own tastes. I spelled out my criteria in an earlier post:

The best global albums … should first of all be ones that you turn to again and again. They should have some global impact, perhaps spawning imitators and spreading certain rhythms. And they should have clear roots in their local culture, have a message that’s rooted in that culture but is also universal. Finally, they should simply hit you where it counts.

Here are the top 20 albums of 2010 that hit Spin The Globe where it counts:

Most of these have been reviewed previously on SoundRoots, so dig around and enjoy the music. Happy exploring, friends!

2010-11-19-Top 10 World Music CDs

Lots of new faces on this month’s chart. At #1 is a compilation of great music from artists whose music has been banned and repressed in countries as varied as Zimbabwe (Chiwoniso Maraire), Iran (Mahsa Vahdat), and Turkey (Ferhat Tunc).world music top 10 list from Spin The Globe

I’ve been raving about Abraham Inc., and their full album doesn’t disappoint me or the listeners who called in raving about “The H Song.” Then there’s the unexpected change of flavor on the new album from Garifuna artist Aurelio Martinez, who has brought in guest artists including Youssou N’Dour and Orquestra Baobab, adding a West African root to his new-world music. I suspect I don’t need to sing Ojos de Brujo’s praises to you, and their 10-year celebration CD is a treat. And the final new addition is the collaborative Sufi-favored goodness of Nagore Sessions.

We also heard some new releases, show previews, a birthday song for Ofra Haza, and finished with a cut from one of Knitting Factory’s new re-releases of Fela Kuti albums, which just never get old.

Remember, you can catch the archive of this show for a limited time at soundroots.podomatic.com

Hour 1
Mardi Gras.bb  –  Americanos  –  #10-Von Humboldt Picnic
Rahim AlHaj  –  Missing You / Mae Querida  –  #9-Little Earth
Nagore Sessions  –  Ya Haja  –  #8-Nagore Sessions
Ojos de Brujo  –  Corriente Vital (Feat. Nitin Sawhney)   –  #7-Corriente Vital: 10 Anos
Axum  –  Hakshivu Na  –  #6-Axum
Aurelio Martinez  –  Laru Beya / At the Beach (feat. Orquestra Baobab)    –  #5-Laru Beya
Pena  –  El Mayoral  –  #4-Pena
Abraham Inc.  –  The H Tune (Hava Nagila)  –  #3-Tweet Tweet
Justin Vali  –  Orchidee  –  Justin Vali
Afrocubism  –  Nima Diyala  –  #2-Afrocubism
Aziza Brahim  –  Regreso  –  #1-Listen to the Banned
Ofra Haza  –  Kirya  –  Kirya

Hour 2
Toto La Momposina  –  Yo Me Llamo Cumbia  –  La Bodega
Umnachter Project  –  Wurzelwicht  –  Schall und Rauch
Shye Ben-Tzur  –  Dar E Yar  –  Shoshan
SKRUK & Mahsa Vahdat  –  Med Blomster I Fang  –  I Vinens Spiel
Niraj Chag  –  Bangles  –  Yoga
Takashi Hirayasu & Bob Brozman  –  Chim Don Don  –  Nankuru Naisa
Correo Aereo  –  Petenera Del Itsmo  –  Provinces
Shiela Chandra  –  Quiet 1  –  Quiet
Forty Thieves Orkestar vs. Mahala Rai Banda  –  The Man Who Drinks  –  Electric Gypsyland 2
Fela Kuti  –  Sorrow Tears and Blood  –  Opposite People / Sorry Tears and Blood

20 August 2010: Top 10 World Music Albums

We went in some interesting directions today, first in a wide diversity of new releases in our Top 10 segment, then all over the world with both old and new releases, and no small percentage of instrumental pieces. Perhaps I was a little looser having guest-hosted Xenophilia yesterday. Whatever it was, this was one fun show…and the feedback confirms that listeners were enjoying the mix as well. Flag Globe

Hour 1
Dessoin  –  Wapi Yo? / Where Are You?  –  #10 Roots of OK Jazz: Congo Classics 1955-1956
Rahim Alhaj w/ Yacouba Sissoko  –  The Other Time  –  #9 Little Earth
Jienat  –  Sissel  –  #8 Mira
Achanak  –  Lak Noo Bhangra Mix (Purely Percussive)  –  #7 Rough Guide to Bhangra
Mohsen Namjoo  –  Qashqai  –  #6 Oy / Dig
King Sunny Ade  –  Alaji Rasaki  –  #5 Odu (stand-in for the new release Baba Mo Tunde)
The Budos Band  –  Mark of the Unnamed  –  #4 The Budos Band III
Ghulam Hussain  –  Ba Ayadat Beya  –  Rough Guide to the Music of Afghanistan
Real Situation  –  Funkadesi  –  #3 Tribute to a Reggae Legend
Luisa Maita  –  Fulaninha / Jane Doe  –  #2 Lero-Lero
Axum  –  Kool Wahed  –  #1 Axum
Frank London’s Klezmer Brass Allstars  –  Out of What?  –  Carnival Conspiracy

Hour 2
Kilema  –  Ao Va Nareo? / Are You There?  –  Lavi-Tany
Ketama, Toumani Diabate, Jose Soto  –  De Jerez a Mali  –  Songhai 2
Lata Mangeshkar & Sonu Nigam  –  Khamoshiyan Gungunane Lagi  –  King Khan: Songs from the films of Shahruky Khan
Sursumcorda  –  Il Gorgo  –  L’Albero Dei Bradipi
Sonic Tribe   –  Circle 3  –  Sonic Tribe
Run (excerpt)  –  U Srinivas & Michael Brook  –  Dream
Bob Brozman, John McSherry And Dónal O’Connor  –  Beer Belly Dancing  –  Six Days In Down
Ray Spiegel Ensemble  –  Barun’s Boogie  –  Raga Jazz
Natacha Atlas  –  Batkalim  –  Mounqaliba
Gaby Kerpel  –  Toritos  –  Carnabailito
Rajery  –  Misahotaka Ny Akama  –  Fanamby

23 July 2010: Top 10 World Music CDs – July 2010

…in which we sampled the best songs from the ten best new global releases. Plus other summery sounds, listener requests, concert previews and other such fun. And…KAOS is having a mini-membership drive, so it’s a perfect time for you to become a listener-member (and get some great gifts, benefits, and discounts while you’re at it!) by calling 360-867-5267 or visiting http://kaos.evergreen.edu/membership/join.htmlSpin The Globe world music radio

Hour 1
10 – Mohsen Namjoo – Hammash – Oy
9 – Amabutho – Ndzeleketsi (Accompany Me) – Sikelela
8 – Etran Finatawa – Aitimani – Tarkat Tajje / Let’s Go!
7 – Tony Allen – Elewon Po – Secret Agent
6 – Rocky Dawuni – African Reggae Fever – Hymns for the Rebel Soul
5 – armen Sousa – Decison – Protegid
Imperial Tiger Orchestra – Emnete (Live) – Addis Abeba
4 – Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars – No Woman No Cry – Tribute to a Reggae Legend
3 – Gotan Project – Desilusion – Tango 3.0

Hour 2
2 – Playing for Change Band – Fela Ngaye – Playing for Change Live
1 – Luisa Maita – Lero-Lero – Lero-Lero
Johnny Clegg & Savuka – Ring on Her Finger – Third World Child
Cuchata – Imposter (feat. Sly Lothario) – Amor, Cambio, y La Verdad
Gjallarhorn – Lille Dansa… / Dance a little – Sjofn
Jienat – Dancehall – Mira
Dobet Gnahore – Deka – Djekpa La You
Te Vaka – Tauasa – Haoloto

16 April 2010: Top 10 + Pledge!

This show featured selections from the best new world music CDs along with other new releases and a bit about why you should be supporting KAOS and its diverse programming. Pledge online or call 360-867-5267 – and thanks to everyone who called during this show to support KAOS community radio and Spin The Globe!

Hour 1
Dhol Foundation – Colours of Punjab (theme) – Big Drum Small World
10-Red Baraat – Punjabi Wedding Song (Balle Balle) – Chaal Baby
9-Markscheider Kunst – Odnazdhy – Utopia
8-Sean Johnson & the Wild Lotus Band – Hey Ma Durga – Devaloka
7-Al-Andalus Ensemble – Martil (excerpt) – 21 Strings
6-Three Ality – Vrij Ende Franck – ‘t Minne
5-Angelique Kidjo – Kekele – Oyo
4-VM Bhatt & Matt Malley – The Eternal Wait – Sleepless Nights
3-Razia Said – Tiako Ro – Zebu Nation
2-Te Vaka – Katakata Mai – Haoloto

Hour 2
1-Lila Downs y La Misteriosa – La Cumbia del Mole – En Paris Live a Fip
Tony Allen – Ijo – Secret Agent
Ocho Pies – Petro – Tropical Footprint
The Erev Ravs – Wedding Trance – Oly Shtetl Klezmer
Los Flacos – Virgenes del Sol – Rosa Celeste
Bela Fleck – Mali Jam – Throw Down Your Heart – Africa Sessions Part 2
Refugee All Stars – Living Stone – Rise & Shine
Gotan Project – Peligro – Tango 3.0
1 Giant Leap – Freedom (Feat. Nana Tsiboe & African Show Boys) – What About Me?