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2015-01-09 New Global Music for a New Year

Two hours of recently released and soon-to-be-released music from around the planet. Note: Sorry no show last week; I was out of town. Will be away next week as well, so I’ll be back with another show on Mixcloud in two weeks. Spin The Globe will air with a substitute host, though, and you can […]

2014-09-26 15th Anniversary Celebration of Spin The Globe

Way back in September 1999, I started a little show on KAOS ( www.KAOSradio.org ) called Spin The Globe. Since then, I’ve spun thousands of tunes, interviewed scores of musicians (and a few non-musicians), and listened to music from places that I previously hadn’t even heard of. It’s been a blast sharing all this with […]

2014-08-29 BumberSpin (The World Music Festival in My Mind)

This episode it’s the festival in my own mind, the collection of musicians I’d love to see collected in one place on a sunny weekend with outdoor stages, cool drinks delivered by people on stilts, and no lines, ever. This weekend brings Bumbershoot to Seattle. But my festival is better. Remember to get your free […]

2014-08-01 New Global Music + Old World Music Favorites

No particular theme, just some of the best new releases along with some old favorites and listener requests. This week, got more requests via Facebook than phone, so that was fun. Remember to get your free Daily Spin by liking STG on Facebook — please like and share! With FB’s new restrictions, fewer people are […]

2014-05-30 – World Music in the 1970s

The second in a series of decade-themed world music shows. The term “world music” didn’t appear as a marketing tool until the 1980s — so what did the music sound like before it had been pigeonholed into its own genre? This show answers that question, and includes a musical tribute to Maya Angelou dating even […]

2014-03-28 Pre-milennial World Music

Looking at recent STG playlists, I noticed that much of the music played was recorded in the last 15 years. Time for us to set the wayback machine to pre-2000, and see what the last millennium sounded like. Music from the 1960s to the 1990s from around the planet in the first hour; new releases […]

2014-01-17 — World Music Mix

Hello again! Hope the lack of a show last week didn’t bring you down. Your host was away, wandering the desert. Back now, having seen cacti and lizards, sand and sedimentary rock, sunshine and blue skies. So I tried to pack extra goodness into this week’s show. You’ll find old and new music from the […]

2013-11-22 Worldwide Whatever, or, Songs from Across the Globe

From Zimbabwe to Canada to Brazil to Belgium, we covered a lot of ground in this weeks show. We sampled new albums from Autorickshaw, Chambao, Barika, Badi Assad, and others, along with some older releases and requests (thanks, Sarah!). Special thanks to everyone who became a new KAOS member or renewed membership during the fall […]

2013-11-15 Global Goulash, Malian Melodies, and Balkan Madness

This week, a goulash of global sounds, old and new, far and wide. With some sparkling fresh releases from the likes of Autorickshaw, Chambao, and Flavia Coehlo, and a special NW Balkan set previewing a show happening tonight at Ballard’s Oddfellows Hall (see Calendar). Special thanks to everyone who became a new KAOS member or […]

2013-11-08 World Music Mix + KAOS Membership Drive

This week, a mix of global sounds, new and old, and a request for you to support KAOS Community Radio, the station in Olympia, WA where Spin The Globe originates. If you’re familiar only with Spin The Globe, check out the rest of the KAOS lineup, including local and syndicated music, news, and public affairs […]