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2011-08-26 Top 10 World Music Albums-August

Nation Beat - Growing Stone
Nation Beat - Growing Stone

This week’s show features selections from the SoundRoots / Spin The Globe August Top 10 Global Albums chart in the first hour, and various old and new music in the second hour.

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Hour 1
Hadag Nahash  –  Maarbolet Shel Hol  –  #10: 6
The Creole Choir of Cuba  –  Fey  –  #9: Tande-La
Lobi Traore  –  Bi Donga Fa Ko  –  #8: Bwati Kono
Donso  –  Mogoya  –  #7: Putumayo Presents African Beat
Ocote Soul Sounds  –  Contigo Jamas  –  #6: Taurus
Seun Anikulapo-Kuti  –  Mr. Big Thief  –  #5: From Africa with Fury: Rise
The Funk Ark  –  From the Rooftops  –  #4: From the Rooftops
The Funk Ark  –  Horchata  –  #4: From the Rooftops
The Klezmatics  –  Tepel  –  #3: Live at Town Hall
Boban & Marko Marcovic Orkestra vs. Fanfare Ciocarlia  –  Caravan (Fanfare Ciocarlia)  –  #2: Balkan Brass Battle
Nation Beat  –  Meu Girassol  –  #1: Growing Stone

Hour 2
David Wax Museum  –  Chuchumbe (Bellybutton)  –  Everything is Saved
Heyraneh  –  Beloved’s Whisper  –  Promise to Freedom
Shareholder Tom  –  Mango Chow  –  single
Mark Atkins  –  Spontaneous Combustion  –  Dreamtime
Samba Toure feat. Oumou Sangare  –  Moussoya  –  Crocodile Blues
Tinariwen  –  Tameyawt  –  Tassili
Shukar Collective  –  Verbal Fight  –  Urban Gypsy
Cheikh Lo  –  Conia  –  Jamm
Aziz Sahmaoui  –  Ana Hayou  –  University of Gnawa
Ry Cooder & VM Bhatt  –  Ganges Delta Blues  –  A Meeting by the River
Nisos  –  Evreiko  –  Nisos
Mark Weinstein & Omar Sosa  –  Children at Play  –  Tales from the Earth
Anoushka Shankar  –  Red Sun  –  Rise

Best Global Music of 2010

It’s that time of year…the time when the spiders disappear to parts unknown, media outlets try to guilt you into spending thousands of dollars on gifts, and eggnog lattes show up at drive-through espresso stands. Which means it’s time for the annual review of global music over the past year.

2010 wasn’t the biggest year. Wars here and there, the Winter Olympics, tsunamis and volcanoes and mine collapses and earthquakes. Wikileaks, elections, and the release of Aung San Suu Kyi. Neither was it a big year for most of our favorite names in world music. No new albums from Youssou N’Dour or Oliver Mtukudzi, Fanfare Ciocarlia or Susheela Raman, Baka Beyond or Antibalas.

The good news is that without big-name-artist releases hogging the limelight, the year was open to new artists — artists such as Ethiopian-Israeli rappers Axum, NYC-bhangra troupe Red Baraat, and the mysterious sounds of Norwegian group Jienat.

Use this as a shopping list for your global-music friends and family, or as a starting point for your own further exploration of modern world music sounds. Each album links to a review or a site where you can hear song samples and/or purchase the album. The list is in no particular order, and is a combination of fact (airplay, listener response, emails, comments) and my own tastes. I spelled out my criteria in an earlier post:

The best global albums … should first of all be ones that you turn to again and again. They should have some global impact, perhaps spawning imitators and spreading certain rhythms. And they should have clear roots in their local culture, have a message that’s rooted in that culture but is also universal. Finally, they should simply hit you where it counts.

Here are the top 20 albums of 2010 that hit Spin The Globe where it counts:

Most of these have been reviewed previously on SoundRoots, so dig around and enjoy the music. Happy exploring, friends!

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17 September 2010: Question-asking Music

Did you doubt that Spin The Globe could do a complete show playing only songs that ask questions? Did you think there weren’t enough songs from around the world that have unanswered queries? Did you think we wouldn’t be able to find them? Did you tune in and listen?question globe

Remember, you can catch the archive of this show for a limited time at soundroots.podomatic.com

Hour 1
Warsaw Village Band  –  Is Anybody In There?  –  Infinity
Antibalas  –  Who Is This America Dem Speak of Today  –  Who Is This Amerca?
Ansambl Mastika  –  Gde Si,Bre?  –  Gde Si,Bre?
DePedro  –  Que Puedo Hacer Por Ti?  –  DePedro
Tinga Stewart  –  Why Can’t We Live Together?  –  Darker Than Blue:Soul from Jamdown (1973-1980)
Rachid Taha  –  Tekitoi? / Who Are You?  –  Tekitoi
Sila & The Afrofunk Experience  –  Why?  –  Global Lingo
The Shin  –  What Then?  –  Egari
Pops Mohammed  –  How Far Have We Come?  –  How Far Have We Come
Terrakota  –  E Verdade?  –  Oba Train
Systema Solar  –  Quien es el Patron?  –  Systema Solar
Orishas  –  Que Pasa?  –  Antidiotico

Hour 2
Ozomatli  –  (Who Discovered) America?  –  Street Signs
Habana Abierta  –  Asere, Que Vola?  –  Boomerang
Joan Soriano  –  Que Pasara Manana?  –  El Duque de la Bachata
Moussu T e lei Jovents  –  As-ti pescat la sirena?  –  Mademoiselle Marseille
Bob Marley & The Wailers  –  Is This Love?  –  Legend
Mynta  –  What’s the Bag Dad?  –  Nandu’s Dance
Kila  –  Where Did You Hide That Train, Joe?  –  Lemonade & Buns
Balkan Beat Box  –  Why?   –  Blue Eyed Black Boy
Davide Swarup  –  Why Not?  –  Music for Hang
The Kora Band  –  Ngoni System  –  Cascades
Vavamuffin  –  Addis Fever  –  Mo’ Better Rootz
King Sunny Ade  –  Oro Yi Bale (Radio Edit)  –  Baba Mo Tunde

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10 September 2010: New Global Releases

A slew of new releases this show, plus an interview with Kane Mathis of The Kora Band, who just released a CD called Cascades, and play a CD release show tonight at The Northern in Olympia (see Calendar). Enjoy the new sounds!

Remember, you can catch the archive of this show for a limited time at http://soundroots.podomatic.com/

New Releases on Spin The Globe world music radioHour 1
Brass Menazeri  –  Vranjski San  –  Vranjski San
Salsa Celtica  –  Guajira Sin Sol  –  En Vivo En El Norte
Grupo Celeste  –  Como Un Ave   –  The Roots of Chicha 2
Carmen Consoli  –  Mandaci Una Cartolina  –  Elettra
Sekouba Diakite  –  Mandela  –  Sejo
Monoswezi  –  Mugarandega  –  Monoswezi
Mohammed Alidu & the Bizung Family  –  Zomnilanisala  –  Land of Fire
King Sunny Ade  –  Baba Loun Sohun Gbogbo  –  Baba Mo Tunde
Gao Hong  –  Butterfly  –  Quiet Forest, Flowing Stream
The Kora Band  –  Za Ayi Neyi  –  Cascades
interview with Kane Mathis of The Kora Band

Hour 2
The Kora Band  –  Tantine  –  Cascades
Rahim Alhaj  –  Athens to Baghdad  –  Little Earth
Riad Abdel-Gawad  –  Ghagar (Egyptian Gypsy)  –  Egypt Mother of the World
Natacha Atlas  –  Muwashah Ozkourini  –  Mounqaliba
Bulgarian Voices Angelite & Huun Huur Tu  –  Mountain Fairytale  –  Legends
King Sunny Ade  –  Baba Mo Tunde – King Britt Remix  –  Baba Mo Tunde
Yuko Ito  –  Mania De Voce  –  Mania De Voce
Axum  –  Kool Wahed  –  Axum
Joan Soriano  –  Maria Elena  –  El Duque De La Bachata
Vavamuffin  –  Bez Piatala  –  Mo’ Better Rootz

23 July 2010: Top 10 World Music CDs – July 2010

…in which we sampled the best songs from the ten best new global releases. Plus other summery sounds, listener requests, concert previews and other such fun. And…KAOS is having a mini-membership drive, so it’s a perfect time for you to become a listener-member (and get some great gifts, benefits, and discounts while you’re at it!) by calling 360-867-5267 or visiting http://kaos.evergreen.edu/membership/join.htmlSpin The Globe world music radio

Hour 1
10 – Mohsen Namjoo – Hammash – Oy
9 – Amabutho – Ndzeleketsi (Accompany Me) – Sikelela
8 – Etran Finatawa – Aitimani – Tarkat Tajje / Let’s Go!
7 – Tony Allen – Elewon Po – Secret Agent
6 – Rocky Dawuni – African Reggae Fever – Hymns for the Rebel Soul
5 – armen Sousa – Decison – Protegid
Imperial Tiger Orchestra – Emnete (Live) – Addis Abeba
4 – Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars – No Woman No Cry – Tribute to a Reggae Legend
3 – Gotan Project – Desilusion – Tango 3.0

Hour 2
2 – Playing for Change Band – Fela Ngaye – Playing for Change Live
1 – Luisa Maita – Lero-Lero – Lero-Lero
Johnny Clegg & Savuka – Ring on Her Finger – Third World Child
Cuchata – Imposter (feat. Sly Lothario) – Amor, Cambio, y La Verdad
Gjallarhorn – Lille Dansa… / Dance a little – Sjofn
Jienat – Dancehall – Mira
Dobet Gnahore – Deka – Djekpa La You
Te Vaka – Tauasa – Haoloto

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4 June 2010: Global Music Mix + Farewell Lobi Traore

No theme this week, just track after track of great global music, both new and old. And a remembrance of Lobi Traore, who passed on earlier this week.

Hour 1
Dhol Foundation  –  Colours of Punjab (theme)  –  Big Drum Small World
Anoushka Shankar  –  Red Sun w/ Bikram Ghosh & Tanmoy Bose  –  Rise
Idrissa Soumaoro  –  Dogoyama / Lack of Respect  –  Kote
Yellow Sisters  –  Smirena  –  Tubab Woman
The Shin  –  Nat Tsar Khek & Abdul Shah ill  –  Manytimer
various  –  Children of the World   –  Playing for Change Live
Sorma  –  Aouma  –  Mirage of the East
Imperial Tiger Orchestra  –  Bati (live)  –  Addis Abeba
Blk Sonshine  –  Nkosi  –  South Africa
Don Tiki  –  Da T’ing He Grow  –  The Forbidden Sounds of Don Tiki
Subaro  –  Boca Do Rio  –  Speaking in Tones
Ska Cubano  –  Megumi’s Amor  –  Mambo Ska
Tarika Sammy  –  Tonga Vahiny  –  Fanafody
Ferus Mustafov  –  Dikman  –  King Ferus: Macedonian Wedding Soul Cooking

Hour 2
Brass Menazeri  –  Kozarica Kolo / Goatherd girl Kolo  –  Vranjski San / Vranje Dream
Euforchestra  –  Soup  –  Soup
Lobi Traore  –  Sadiourou  –  Mali Blue
Salif Keita  –  Djele  –  La Difference
Amabutho  –  Satiwamina / My Wife  –  Sikelela
Mulatu Astatke  –  Ebo Lala  –  Timeless: Mulatu Astatke
Soul Brothers  –  Isigebengu  –  Rough Guide to the Soul Bros
Cirque du Soleil  –  Ants  –  Ovo
Red Baraat  –  Baraat to Nowhere  –  Chaal Baby
Jienat  –  Sissel  –  Mira
Anibal VelasQuez y Su Conjunto  –  Mi Cumbia  –  Mambo Loco

16 April 2010: Top 10 + Pledge!

This show featured selections from the best new world music CDs along with other new releases and a bit about why you should be supporting KAOS and its diverse programming. Pledge online or call 360-867-5267 – and thanks to everyone who called during this show to support KAOS community radio and Spin The Globe!

Hour 1
Dhol Foundation – Colours of Punjab (theme) – Big Drum Small World
10-Red Baraat – Punjabi Wedding Song (Balle Balle) – Chaal Baby
9-Markscheider Kunst – Odnazdhy – Utopia
8-Sean Johnson & the Wild Lotus Band – Hey Ma Durga – Devaloka
7-Al-Andalus Ensemble – Martil (excerpt) – 21 Strings
6-Three Ality – Vrij Ende Franck – ‘t Minne
5-Angelique Kidjo – Kekele – Oyo
4-VM Bhatt & Matt Malley – The Eternal Wait – Sleepless Nights
3-Razia Said – Tiako Ro – Zebu Nation
2-Te Vaka – Katakata Mai – Haoloto

Hour 2
1-Lila Downs y La Misteriosa – La Cumbia del Mole – En Paris Live a Fip
Tony Allen – Ijo – Secret Agent
Ocho Pies – Petro – Tropical Footprint
The Erev Ravs – Wedding Trance – Oly Shtetl Klezmer
Los Flacos – Virgenes del Sol – Rosa Celeste
Bela Fleck – Mali Jam – Throw Down Your Heart – Africa Sessions Part 2
Refugee All Stars – Living Stone – Rise & Shine
Gotan Project – Peligro – Tango 3.0
1 Giant Leap – Freedom (Feat. Nana Tsiboe & African Show Boys) – What About Me?

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2 April 2010: New Releases, Concert Previews, +

Spin the Globe Playlist for 2 April 2010
New Releases, concert previews, etc.

New releases, concert previews and a couple of other things in today’s show, from familiar names (Lila Downs, Ozomatli, Youssou N’Dour) to some very promising newcomers (Red Baraat, Markscheider Kunst, Tibet2Timbuk2). Enjoy.

Artist – Song – Album

Hour 1
Dhol Foundation – Colours of Punjab (theme) – Big Drum Small World
Lila Downs y La Misteriosa – La Cucaracha – En Paris – Live a Fip
Los Fulanos feat. Peret – Gato – RG2 World Music for Children
Chicago Afrobeat Project – Talking Bush – Chicago Afrobeat Project
Ozomatli – Cabalito – Fire Away
Red Baraat – Baraat to Nowhere – Chaal Baby
Avishai Cohen – Alon Basela – Aurora
David Starfire – Shimla – Bollywood Bass
Balkan Beat Box – Kabulectro – Blue Eyed Black Boy
Markscheider Kunst – Manush v Gorah – Utopia
Red Baraat – Chaal Baby – Chaal Baby
Mehran – Yare Dabestani (Traditional Persian Protest Song) – Angels of Persepolis
Al-Yaman – Azan – Isanyya

Hour 2
Irka Mateo – Hombre de la Tierra / Man of the Land – Anacaona
Ishtar Alabina – Lamouni (Ligharou Meni) – RG2 Arabic Lounge
Al-Andalus Ensemble – Taktokah – Illumination
Youssou N’Dour – Leteuma – Dakar-Kingston
Brooklyn Funk Essentials – Big Apple Boogaloo (The Sir George Radio Edit) – Latin Party
Tibet2Timbuk2 – Little Things – Music Is Life
Sean Johnson & the Wild Lotus Band – Calling Ganesha – Devaloka
Vanessa Lively – Los Hermanos – Canto y Cantera
Very Be Careful – Manantial del Alma – Danger Room
Jon Sterckx – Recycle – Drumscapes
Sahel Band feat. Kane Mathis – Serifu Sidi – The Sahel Band
Angelique Kidjo – Dil Main Chuppa Ke Pyar Ka – Oyo
Susana Baca – De Los Amores – Eco de Sombras

19 March 2010: Global Music of Tolerance & Respect

Spin the Globe Playlist for 19 March 2010
Global Music of Tolerance & Respect

With March 21 marking the UN International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, we heard global songs of tolerance, respect, and just plain getting along with one’s neighbors. Plus new releases and concert previews in hour 2.

Artist – Song – Album

Hour 1
Dhol Foundation – Colours of Punjab (theme) – Big Drum Small World
Larry McDonald – Brother Man – Drumquestra
Tarika – Sonegaly (Senegalese) – Son Egal
Beyo – Ayiti Leve – Reference
Sierra Leone’s Refugee Allstars – Oruwiebie Magazine Bobo Medley – Rise and Shine
Naby Camara & Lagni-Sussu – Konkoba – Kantelli
Various – War/No More Trouble – Playing for Change
The Black Seeds – Strugglers – Solid Ground
Tony Allen – No Discrimination – Afro Disco Beat
Andrew Oliver Kora Band – Bina Na Ngai Na Respect – Live at Jimmy Marks
Yawo – Take Out the Fences – Take Out the Fences
Razia – Salamalama Aby – Zebu Nation

Hour 2
Kobo Town – At the Edge of the City – Independence
DJ Dolores y Orchestra Santa Massa – A Danca da Moda – World 2004
Camile – Au Port – Sound of the World
Angelique Kidjo – Monfe Ran E feat. Dianne Reeves – Oyo
CeU – Mais Um Lamento – CeU
Cuchata – Ritual – advance single
Madrigaia – Tourdion – Pleiades
Madman Jaba – Hankuri – Nigeria Afrobeat Special
Mulatu Astake – Boogaloo – Mulatu Steps Ahead
Quentin Dujardin – Tolaria feat. Njava – Echoes Of The World vol. 2
Geraldo Pino & The Heartbeats – Heavy Heavy Heavy – Afro-Rock Vol. 1
The Marcians – If Only They Came Back – Traditional Greek Music
IndiaLucia – Raag & Ole – IndiaLucia

19 February 2010: Top 10 World Music Albums

Spin the Globe Playlist for 19 February 2010
Top 10 World Music Albums

Selections from our Top 10 world music albums of the month this week. Plus concert previews and other music in hour 2.

Artist – Song – Album

Hour 1
Dhol Foundation – Colours of Punjab (theme) – Big Drum Small World
10. Izintombi Zesi Manje Manje – Awofuni Ukulandela Na? – Next Stop…Soweto
9. Mulatu Astatke – Mulatu’s Mood – Mulatu Steps Ahead
8. Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba – Jamana Be Diya (feat. Kasse Mady Diabate, Toumani Diabate) – I Speak Fula
7. Jerry Leake – Nu Atsia – Cubist
6. Seheno – Aiza – Ka
5. Kagero – My Daddy Is A Thief – Japanese Gypsy Rock
4. The Souljazz Orchestra – Agbara – Rising Sun
3. The Sahel Band feat. Kane Mathis – Lamban – The Sahel Band
Jerry Leake – Aldebaran – Cubist
2. Te Vaka – Kaluve Pepe – Haoloto
1. SambaDa – Casa De Mainha – Gente
1. SambaDa – Rabo De Arraia – Gente

Hour 2
Coco Mbassi – Bila – Sepia
Al-Yaman – Si-raa – Insanyya
Djeli Moussa Diawara – FlamenKora – FlamenKora
Razia – Babanao – Zebu Nation
Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Diabate – Doudou – Ali and Toumani
Nation Beat – Mare Cheia feat. The Klezmatics – Legends of the Preacher
Bebel Gilberto – Sun Is Shining – All In One
Kat Parra – Hanukia – Dos Amantes
K. Frimpong & His Cubano Fiestas – Kyenkyen Bi Adi M’awu – Afro-Rock Vol. 1
Urban Legend – El Matador – Tropical Techniques
Suzanna Owiyo – Tich en Tich – Imagine Africa
Novalima – Alcajazz – Afro